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Direct hunting for talents level 4: Few Important notes

For the purpose of ease since the release of the new reincarnation system, there are few talents which is required to rebuilt the character. There are few sub-bosses which is in certain different maps whom drop important talents, and as the list goes on, there are particular one type of sub-boss which is able to spawn within 1-2 minute time frame. Here is the list:

1.  <Faaabulous Ram Overlord> Pinkerton

Location: Knight Valley X: 220, Y: 306


  • Light Arms Specialist 4 
  • Shooting Specialist 4

2. : <Panzer Ape> Stonewall Chimpson

Location: Eternal Mountain - X: 829, Y: 463


  • Bronze Sinew Iron Bone 4
  • Witch Doctor 4

3. <Fortress Gate Sentinel> General Yobese

Location: Knight Valley X: 271, Y:536


  • Axe Specialist 4
  • Deathblow Attack 4

4. <Steel Armor Mantis Boss> Arthur The Blackguard

Location: Auris Bay X: 264, Y: 301


  • Ancient Talent Blueprint: Teleport Acceleration 1
  • Ancient Talent Blueprint: Order Of the Demon 1

Feel free to discuss and add information on this part on the comment section! and i will check and add the necessary information as requested. Happy Hunting!

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