For the purpose of ease since the release of the new reincarnation system, there are few talents which is required to rebuilt the character. There are few sub-bosses which is in certain different maps whom drop important talents, and as the list goes on, there are particular one type of sub-boss which is able to spawn within 1-2 minute time frame. Here is the list:

1.  <Faaabulous Ram Overlord> Pinkerton

Location: Knight Valley X: 220, Y: 306


  • Light Arms Specialist 4 
  • Shooting Specialist 4

2. : <Panzer Ape> Stonewall Chimpson

Location: Eternal Mountain - X: 829, Y: 463


  • Bronze Sinew Iron Bone 4
  • Witch Doctor 4

3. <Fortress Gate Sentinel> General Yobese

Location: Knight Valley X: 271, Y:536


  • Axe Specialist 4
  • Deathblow Attack 4

4. <Steel Armor Mantis Boss> Arthur The Blackguard

Location: Auris Bay X: 264, Y: 301


  • Ancient Talent Blueprint: Teleport Acceleration 1
  • Ancient Talent Blueprint: Order Of the Demon 1

Feel free to discuss and add information on this part on the comment section! and i will check and add the necessary information as requested. Happy Hunting!

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