Hi guys! We are hoping to see more contribution on the fan base wiki which gave a sound and clear directory to players, new and old alike!

Currently we require more players to contribute on the Class Section base on their understanding of the class, it is however, more preferably if you have total knowledge on the class, because you can contribute!

It is favorable not to let one player to wrote all the directory by him/herself. However, there is a catch, that it might cause confusion, so there are editors who will help to reorganize the fact sheet and will be doing plenty of troubleshooting. 

It is preferable to write in the following format:

1. General description of the class

2. Weapons/Armory

3. Advantages

4. Disadvantages

5. General Guidelines (For each class upgrade, this part will include-

  • Level 30-66 Class: General guidelines with systematic approach, including how to start up your character, general PvE guide, and general PvP guide.
  • Level 66-85 Class:Tomes 
  • Level 85-90 Class: Additional skill upgrade (sublimes), Class Ultimate, and Ultimate Skills
  • Level 91+ Class: -

7. (New) This will include added format of Reincarnation system - passive and active skills

8. Talents and Ancient Talents

Apart from that, there are few rules which you have to follow the fact which has been discussed with others. It is better that you know the class thoroughly, to prevent confusion to other players. 

- You can correct a post if you found an error, and recite the edits put forward.

- Please do not troll any of the post.

- Give Encouragement on General PvE/PvP Guide. 

If you are having difficulties with the script please ask for assistance or comment on the blog below and i can help you do it. (For example: expand and collapse scripting)

Write what you feel people need to know.

Do not express repulsive post, be aware you are giving a younger person a good guide.

Good Luck!

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