Shooting Specialist Edit

This Earth talent is used for the Archer branch which includes:

Level Information
Level 1 [Effect] Bow and Firearm damage increases +6%
  • [NPC] Skill Trainer NPC in any Main City
  • [Map: Blue Bay] Round Jelly Rabbit
  • [Map: Ironwheel Beach] Pinchworm, Musky Tusk Pig
  • [Map: Shell Hill] Blue Bull Worm
  • [Map: Kaslow Plains] Hunting Wolf
  • [Map: Steam Mine Mountain] Sly Mountain Wolf, <Mine Behemoth> Telfir
  • [Map: Moonlight Forest] Umbrella Lizard
Level 2 [Effect] Bow and Firearm damage increases +8%
  • [Map: Kaslow Plains] Goblin Mage, Goblin Striker, Goblin Guard
  • [Map: Moonlight Forest] <Cursed Flower> Horatio
  • [Map: Sprites Forest] Moonlight Sprite, Man-Eating Marigold, <Puffy Patriarch> Crazy Guffadon
  • [Map: Red Ridge] Blue Ridge Scorpion, Mutated Sabretoothed Cat
  • [Map: Ancient Forest] Carnivorous Carnation, Lumber Transporter, <Medicinal Flower Boss> Brutal Blossom
  • [Map: Belcar Plateau] Plateau Ape, Brawny Kong, <Plateau Prince> Yabei
  • [Map: Southern Island] Swift Strike Dragon, <Blood of Madness> Kelijad
  • [Dungeon: Prairie Cave] Garnetback Spider, Stone Striker Soldier
Level 3 [Effect] Bow and Firearm damage increases +10%
  • [NPC] Bodor, Grassland Knight 9000 Reputation (Grassland Altar - Kaslow Plains)
Level 4 [Effect] Bow and Firearm damage increases +13%
  • [Map: Knight Valley] Yeti Yeoman, Northland Bandit Gunman, Demon Forest Wolf, <Faaabulous Ram Overlord> Pinkerton, <Snow Faerie Leader> Gemmie
  • [Map: Eternal Mountains] Ironwing Condor
  • [Map: Sakura Island] River Boy
Level 5 [Effect] Bow and Firearm damage increases +16%
  • [NPC] 10000 Class Reputation (HOJ - Mysterious Fame Chest)
Level 6 [Effect] Bow and Firearm damage increases +16%
  • [NPC] Sprite King’s Trial (L91+ daily via Obi in Ilya)
  • [Quest] L91. Chapter 1: Blazing Kaslow (Grand Fantasia Plus)

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