Precision Instrument Edit

This Earth talent is used for the Machinist branch which includes:

Level Information
Level 1 [Effect] Hit Rate +3%
  • [NPC] Skill Trainer NPC in any Main City
Level 2 [Effect] Hit Rate +6%
  • [NPC] Alice, Forest Queen 1000 Reputation (Forest Altar - Moonlight Forest)
Level 3 [Effect] Hit Rate +9%
  • [NPC] Bahado, South Sea King 4000 Reputation (Deep Sea Altar - Southern Island)
  • [Etc] Ancient City of Vines Mission Order (Engineer, Demolitionist)
Level 4 [Effect] Hit Rate +12%
  • [NPC] Siropas, Underworld King 16000 Reputation (Black Flame Altar - Blakatoa Range)
Level 5 [Effect] Hit Rate +15%
  • [NPC] 10000 Class Reputation (HOJ - Mysterious Fame Chest)
Level 6 [Effect] Hit Rate +18%
  • [NPC] Sprite King’s Trial (L91+ daily via Obi in Ilya)

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