Heavy Cannon Specialist Edit

This Star talent is used for the Machinist branch which includes:

Level Information
Level 1 [Effect] Ranged Attack +6%, Attack speed +5%
  • [NPC] Skill Trainer NPC in any Main City
  • [Quest] L15. Class Upgrade: Machinist
Level 2 [Effect] Ranged Attack +7%, Attack speed +7%
  • [NPC] Smulca, Highland Lord 1000 Reputation (Highland Altar - Belcar Plateau)
Level 3 [Effect] Ranged Attack +8%, Attack speed +9%
  • [Map: ] Treasure Appraisal 9000 Reputation (Treasure Appraisal Committee Cashier Andre - Kaslow)
Level 4 [Effect] Ranged Attack +9%, Attack speed +11%
  • [Map: Knight Valley] Northland Bandits Swordsman, Snow Moonbird
  • [Map: Eternal Mountains] Mountain Lion Lizard, Northland Marksman
  • [Map: Sakura Island] River Boy
Level 5 [Effect] Ranged Attack +10%, Attack speed +13%
  • [NPC] 10000 Class Reputation (HOJ - Mysterious Fame Chest)
Level 6 [Effect] Ranged Attack +11%, Attack speed +15%
  • [NPC] Sprite King’s Trial (L91+ daily via Obi in Ilya)

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