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A new feature has been added in both the "History" tab and the "Archive" tab in the Adventure Log. Explore interesting secrets throughout the Saphael, Deepfathom and Time Rift world. "Should you stumble across one of the hidden quests and complete it, the page will fill itself and be sent to your mailbox - enter all the pages in the archive to receive a special archive bonus!"
The list on this wiki page will appear as shown from Adventure Log's History tab. [Kaslow, llya, Jale, Elsaland, Blue Bay, Other Areas, Deepfathom]

  • Note that Other Areas contain trivia letters in both the Saphael world, Time Rift, and Sprite Island - which is separated below for convenience.
    • Some NPCs, Bosses, or random boxes for the trivia may be searched up from the Map's search bar menu function (Hit [M] and click on the arrow on the top window to search for either a NPC or monster)

Full guide taken from here


llya Edit

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