Introduction Edit

The search mechanic in Grand Fantasia allows you to find all sorts of people no matter their level, class or map! Below is an in-depth guide as to how this system works, it is separated in to four different sections.


1 - Search Results Edit

Here is where you'll be able to find any one on your channel regardless of their name, level, class, or map. You can only see people in your channel though and will have to change channels if you're looking for specific people.

2 and 3 - Search and Confirm Edit

Search is the button you'll press when you want to make people show up in the result tab. It will show anyone and everyone available in the search queue! You'll get something like this when you press it;


Again, you can view people of any class, level, name, or map, so the results may be a bit displaced sometimes. For example you may find a level 100 nub or a lvl 34 player like my results, which is a vast difference in both level and knowledge likely. [GM]'s cannot be found in any list queue in the game, so you won't find them here either. [GS]'s can be found if they have the option for hiding unchecked.

Now, let's say you don't want to be found in the queue, simple! Just press confirm and a window will pop up;


Checking Hide Self from Results will automatically hide you from being in the search queue. Checking Reject Party Invites will reject any and all party invites, so only check this if you aren't/won't be looking for a party for a dungeon or what not. These settings won't change until you change them!

4 - Filter Edit

Let's say you only want to find healer classes for example and don't want to look through allllll the other results to find someone! Just select your classes you want to find. You can also sort them by level and if they're in a party or not. Once selected, press search. Your results should look something like this;


Now that's it! You can whisper them, add them to your friends list, or do any of the other options available when you right click their name. Good luck and happy searching!

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