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What is Alchemy Clay?Edit

Alchemy clay is what is used on the O-Clay tab as shown below:


This is just an example of what the o-clay table looks like, since it is different everyday. You can not only clay for the items on the table, but it is a daily as well for anyone looking for a cheap and easy way to gain experience towards leveling.

To view the O-Clay table of the day, you can open up any sprite (F6, F7, F8) and click the button on the bottom left of the sprite interface, where it says Alchemy, and then click the O-Clay tab.

Where It Can Be FoundEdit

You can purchase Alchemy Clays from the Alchemist NPCs in each of the three cities for anywhere from 32g 50s to 26g each, depending on your city fame; 0 fame from the city you buy it in will result in the highest possible price of 32g 50s and 50k or capped fame will give you 26g per clay.


The tables repeat weekly and are the same every week.

Keys and Notes
green text armor stone variants and armor rune stones
purple text weapon stone variants and weapon rune stones
note #1 For the “Rune Stones / Blueprints” column, each o-clay table will have both the Intermediate Rune Stone blueprint and basic rune stones for the names mentioned. Ie. Speech (in the table) = there will be a Basic Speech Rune Stone and an Intermediate Speech Rune Stone blueprint.
Links rune stone effects | resonance stone effects | original table linked here

Here is the table:

Time, in EDT/EST Superalloys/Nuclei Stones (Variants) Rune Stones / Blueprints Sprite Island Furniture
Monday 17:00 - Tuesday 17:00 (60) Rusty Ancient Superalloy Plant Explosion Stability Azure Boat
(80) Illusionary Karma Nucleus Ultimate Invincible Attack --
-- -- Booster --
Tuesday 17:00 - Wednesday 17:00 (60) Illusionary Chaos Nucleus Elemental Explosion Fortress Undersea Chest
-- Ultimate Explosion Blast --
-- -- Sniper --
Wednesday 17:00 - Thursday 17:00 (70) Illusionary Consuming Nucleus Beast Explosion Rebirth --
-- Ultimate Growth Scorn --
-- -- Harmony --
Thursday 17:00 - Friday 17:00 (70) Cracked Ancient Superalloy Demon Explosion Defense Broken Wooden Barrel
-- -- Peace Luminous Shell
-- -- Power --
Friday 17:00 - Saturday 17:00 (80) Dull Ancient Superalloy Spirit Explosion Safety Withered Flower Garden
-- Ultimate Growth Engineering Decrepit Bench
-- -- Stamina --
Saturday 17:00 - Sunday 17:00 (70) Condensed Consuming Nucleus Ultimate Magic Explosion Static Thriller Ghost House
-- Lightning Parched Fountain
-- -- Eruption Broken Stree Lamp
Sunday 17:00 - Monday 17:00 (60) Condensed Chaos Nucleus Mind Explosion Spirit Deep Sea Fern
(80) Condensed Karma Nucleus Ultimate Explosion Speech --
-- -- Control --

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