01. Siwa Island (L1~5) 02. Blue Bay (L6~9) 03. Shell Hill (L6~9)
04. Ironwheel Beach (L6~9) 05. Kaslow Plains (L10~17) 06. Moonlight Forest (L10~17)
07. Steam Mine Mountain (L10~17) 08. Kaslow (City) 09. Ilya (City) 10. Jale (City)
11. Sprites' Forest (L18~24) 12. Ancient Forest (L18~24) 13. Red Ridge (L18~24)
14. Belcar Plateau (L25~32) 15. Black Swamp (L25~32) 16. Southern Island (L25~32)
17. Plague Forest (L33~41) 18. Bone Reef Peninsula (L33~41) 19. Angoya Island (L33~41)
20. Land of Sighs (L42~48) 21. Scorching Wind Desert (L42~48) 22. Misty Wetlands (L49~55)
23. Lost Highlands (L49~55) 24. Gaia Woodlands (L56~59) 25. Blakatoa Range (L56~59)
26. Prism Island Prairie (L61~63) 27. Twin Lion Mountain (L63~65) 28. Knight's Valley (L65~67)
29. Eternal Mountains (L67~69) 30. Oblivion Border (L69~71) 31. Winterflake Forest (L71~74)
32. Ancient Polar Ruins (L74~77) 33. Auris Bay (L77~80)

Locations not on the map:
Sakura Island (L66~75)

00 World Map Deepfathom

34. Spirit Valley (L71~77) 35. Misty Plateau (L78~82) 36. Golden Sandbar (L83~85)
37. Aurawisp Hamlet (L81~84) 38. Frostfire Pass (L85~87) 39. Heirloom Peninsula (L88~90)

Time Rift
AM9LSgX zpszyidw4vl

40. Blood Soaked Bay (L67~75) 41. Sprite Tear Forest (L74~85) 42. Kaslow Wilderness (L84~90)
43. Sorrow Peninsula (81~85) 44. Glazefrost Mountain (86~90) 45. Dreamer's Plateau (L91~95)
46. Vapor Vale (91~94) 47. Dazzledell Hollow (94~97) 48. Port Riptide (L97~100)

Alt. Dimension
Alt Dim

49. Alt. Dimension - Ironwheel Beach (L75~80)
50. Alt. Dimension - Steam Mine Mountain (L81~85)
51. Alt. Dimension - Red Ridge (L86~90)


Normal Dungeons
Prairie Cave (L20+) • Condemned Mine (L31+) • Deserted Temple (L36+) • Echo Cave (L40+)
Old Siwa Island (L46+) • Roaring Maw (L50+) • Holy King's Tomb (L56+) • Ancient City of Vines (L60+)
Sunken Mechanical Fortress (L63+) • Phoenix Tower (L68+) • Black Flame Ruins (L73+)
Forbidden Temple (L78+) • Crying Sailor (L83+) • Condemned Island (L88+)

Mutated Dungeons
Mutated Prairie Cave (L45+) • Mutated Condemned Mine (L52+) • Mutated Echo Cave (L65+)
Mutated Ancient City of Vines (L70+) • Mutated Sunken Mechanical Fortress (L75+)
Mutated Phoenix Tower (L80+) • Mutated Black Flame Ruins (L83+) • Mutated Forbidden Temple (L88+)

Guild Dungeons
Lost Realm Cave (L61~70) • No Lost Realm Cave (L71~80) • Reversed Lost Realm Cave (L81~100)
Destiny Trial (L65~74) • No Destiny Trial (L75~84) • Reversed Destiny Trial (L85~100)

Miscellaneous Dungeons
White Ruins (L20+) • Nightmare Corridor (L61~100+)
Haunted Nightmare Ship (L50+) • Island of Lost Dreams

Time Rift Dungeons
Underground Catacombs (L73+) • Wisewood Core (L80+) • Knoll Fort (L85+)
Blazing Kaslow (L86~100) • Seething Kaslow (L86~100) • Prismata (L91~100)
Distorted Dimension (L96~100) • Infernal Phoenix Tower (L80+)

Alternate Dimension Dungeons
Ship of DespairAlternate Condemned MineForsaken Temple

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