Introduction Edit

The LFP system in Grand Fantasia is actually more useful than it may seem. Say you want to host a party for a dungeon but don't want to constantly spam LFP chat. Say you need to go afk but still want to search for people. This system is the answer to your call! I have separated the system in to two in-depth sections;


1 - Search Options Edit

We have several options that you can choose from here if you're looking for a party. You can either separate it by location (they must be on the same map as you), by same channel, suitable levels (within 10 levels below or higher than you), or you can filter blacklisted parties. There's also a tab that will allow for you to select either "Party" or "Team", as you can see in my example I've selected party. The option doesn't really matter I've found, as it doesn't really filter the parties. I could find my testing party on both options. Once you've checked the options you want, select search and see if any parties come up.

You'll be able to see what channel they're on, who the party leader is, how many people are in the party, and the purpose of the party if one was selected. If you find a party you want to join, simply right click it and you'll get a window like this;


If you want to join that party, select Join Party.

Now, let's say you want to make your own party, easy peasy! Just right click your character icon in the upper left corner of your screen and select "Activate Party Recruitment". A window like this will then show up;


Once you've filled out what the purpose of your party is and the requirements of the party, you can additionally select Auto-Party and/or Recruit. The recruit option simply allows your party to show up in the queue. The Auto-Party option allows people to automatically join your party if it's checked. If not checked, you'll be given a prompt like "Level 63 Loveless wants to party with you" in which you can select OK or cancel. Once you've figured out which options you want, press confirm and your party will be visible to all who search!

2 - Party Details Edit

This section is where you'll be able to view the parties purpose, their requirements to join, and who is in the party. This is always good to check if you're looking for specific parties so you don't just automatically click to join them when you don't know what the party is for. It will also outline how many people are in the party as well, in my examples it's (1/5).

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