Description Edit

This box is imbued with evil energy.

Quests Edit

  • L80. Vanquish Infernal Jade Fire Golem (REP)
  • L80. Vanquish Infernal Venomous Wind (REP)
  • L80. Vanquish Infernal Molten Lord (REP)
  • L80. Vanquish Infernal Molten Pisces (REP)

Gives one of the following Edit

  • Grade A Attack Upgrade Scroll x10
  • Grade A Defense Upgrade Scroll x10
  • Grade S Attack Upgrade Scroll x5
  • Grade S Defense Upgrade Scroll x5
  • Paleozoic Stone x50
  • Earth Bloodseal Fragment x20
  • Star Bloodseal Fragment x20
  • Moon Bloodseal Fragment x20
  • Sun Bloodseal Fragment x20
  • Mutated Earth Platinum Fragment x20
  • Mutated Star Platinum Fragment x20
  • Mutated Moon Platinum Fragment x20
  • Mutated Sun Platinum Fragment x20
  • Convertible Unknown Power x50
  • Exotic Materials Bag x1

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