Description Edit

Open for a chance to receive the following:
Roast Corn x3, Ginger Snap x3
Licorice Diaper Candy x2, Grade A Attack Upgrade Scroll x3
Grade A Defense Upgrade Scroll x3, Hunter's Crystal of Strength x1
Hunter's Crystal of Vitality x1, Hunter's Crystal of Intellect x1
Hunter's Crystal of Will x1, Hunter's Crystal of Agility x1
Cucumber Facemask (Permanent or 3-Day)
Pink Hair-Wrap Towel (Permanent or 3-Day)
Azure Sprite Bathrobe (Permanent or 3-Day)
Pink Sprite Bathrobe (Permanent or 3-Day)
All the above-mentioned Hunter's Crystals are consumable.
"A reward from Flidday for your efforts. Don't forget to get some rest!
It's said that the hot spring in Frostfire Pass is pretty awesome."

Obtained Edit

Source Information
Quest Reward
Quest Reward Table

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