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Finally you have reached level 90! It is time to class change to a Holy Knight by accepting the quest through Sprite Obi in ilya.


 Weapons Edit

Armor Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Sublimed Ultimate Defense - Paladin class line has the highest defense stat in the game. You will have lesser problems dealing with field monster standard attack and your health points drop slower comparatively. You can tank plenty of monster at dungeons when built correctly.
  • Practical Defensive Skills - There are defensive skills which could save you from death while being attacked by plenty of monster. The skills include adding your blocking rate, reduced damage from each successful block, damage reduction from all types of damage (including skill damage, standard damage, reflect damage, etc), so on and so forth.
  • Shielding System - Paladin class line allows you to wield shield to add the third defensive line of your tanking. The shield came into a variety of two different types of offensive and a defensive shield. Other classes which can use a shield including cleric and Berserker class line. Block rate determines how consistent your shield will block, and the damage reduced by each block is determined by the amount of Strength stats you have.
  • Highest Damage Reduction system - Paladin class line has the highest damage reduction system in the game, this which allows you to reduce the damage from any incoming attack into zero value. Few types of damage reduction including Physical damage reduction, Magic damage reduction, and reduction to all received damage. Damage reduction system allows you reduce any damage (including standard attack, skill damage, reflect damage, elemental damage, etc). It is obtained in talent and combo, mastery, passive, etc. Other classes which has high damage reduction including sage, mage and engineer class line.
  • High Health Points (HP) - Comparatively higher health points can be achieved.
  • Minor Healing Skills - These include healing of lower value, a skill which remove deadly debuff, and a ticking health recovery after you change class to holy knight.
  • Passive Paralysis - The class you will choose will allow you to passively induce to reduce movement speed and attack speed of any nearby enemy. These will include few skills which is activated.
  • Stunt Master - There are skills which allows you to stunt an opponent and prevent the player to move, skill, and switch weapon.
  • Defense Cracking Master - On few settings, paladin class line can reduce the opponent defenses to ultimately deal damage. These include skills, gears and timely, proper use of skills.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low Magic Defenses - Comparatively paladin class line has lower magic defense in stats wise. Otherwise, to build up magic defense requires you to select the best anti-magic gear, talent selection and mastery build up.
  • Low Critical attack and Evasion - They have lower critical attack in stats compare to other classes and received more consistent attack due to lowered evasion. At least, you can received zero value damage.
  • Lack of damage - Paladin class line has lowered damage compared to other classes. Few occasion it will require a very expensive settings and build up to allow a more balance offensive and defensive character.
  • Minor Hit Rate - Paladin class line has lower hit rate compared to other classes, these will prevent you from dealing damage to higher evasion classes.
  • Certain occasion requires certain armor set - To set up a paladin is determined by your goal as PvP, PvE or both. As most of the armor set are arranged to suit the condition.
  • Economic - It is very expensive to build both PvP and PvE. So choose wisely and set up the gears accordingly to suit your preferences.
  • Proc and Switch Ability - Interchanging weapons to add effect is a way to add up substantial amount of damage to an opponent. There are many correct addition to the orange, yellow, purple gears which add an additional effect to raise the value of damage. Yet the amount of weapons to proc for paladin class line required, are more compared to other classes. Although there a few one or two weapon's to proc that deals good damage.  

Final Talent upgrade Edit

Full talent and ancient talent link: Click Here

Earth Talents
Name Obtainable from: Level
Sword Specialist 6 Sprite King’s Trial / L92. Chapter 2: Battle for Ilya 91+
Hammer Specialist 6 Sprite King’s Trial / L91. Chapter 1: Blazing Kaslow 91+
Axe Specialist 6 Sprite King’s Trial / L91. Chapter 1: Blazing Kaslow 91+
Star Talents
Name Obtainable from: Level
Resilient Vitality 6 Sprite King’s Trial / L92. Chapter 2: Battle for Ilya 91+
Light Arms Specialist 6 Sprite King’s Trial / L94. Chapter 4: Coming of the Miracle Child 91+
Heavy Arms Specialist 6 Sprite King's Trial 91+
Moon Talents
Name Obtainable from: Level
Shield Specialist 6 Sprite King’s Trial 91+
Bronze Sinew Iron Bone 6 Sprite King’s Trial / L93. Chapter 3: Indestructible Glass 91+
Lightfoot Stance 6 Sprite King’s Trial 91+
Sun Talents
Name Obtainable from: Level
Mighty Guard 6 Miracle Springs Ginny 16000 Reputation 91+
Determination 6 <Ballistic> Mecha Knight in Distorted Dimension 91+
Aura of Hatred 6 <Hacking> Demon Blade Aloop in Distorted Dimension 91+

Final Ancient Talent Upgrade Edit

Earth Ancient Talents
Name Obtainable from: Level
Magic Evasion 3 Kaslow Holy Royal Resistance 6000 Reputation  91+
Deadly Destruction 3 <Warflame> Taverum, <Swallowed Hope> Statue Knight  91+
Heavy Impact 3 Kaslow Holy Royal Resistance 6000 Reputation  91+
Star Ancient Talents
Name Obtainable from: Level
Ice Realm 3 <Fear's Kiss> Capora, <Hydrophobic> Wounded Capora  93+
Malice Master 3 / Hatred Creation 3 Kaslow Holy Royal Resistance 6000 Reputation  93+
Fortified Fury 3 Jale Steam Mine Mercenaries 6000 Reputation 93+
Moon Ancient Talents
Name Obtainable from: Level
True Impact 3 Ilya Cult Vengeance 7200 Reputation  97+
Dark Chain 3 <Fear's Root> Asmod  97+
Brilliant Battle 3 Miracle Springs Ginny 25000 Reputation 97+
Sun Ancient Talents
Name Obtainable from: Level
Guardian Specialist 3 Jale Steam Mine Mercenaries 8400 Reputation  100
Sublime Holiness 3 / Holy Healing Sublimation 3 Occult Beastman Boxer  100
Light of Glory 3 / Glory Light Sublimation 3 Occult Beastman Defender  100

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