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|1 WIL = 1.5 M-DEF | - |- Align="center" |AGI |Agility |R-ATK, CRIT and EVA. |1 AGI = 3 R-ATK |10 AGI = 1% EVA |25 AGI = 1 CRIT |}

What It MeansEdit

Stat Name Description Formula
ATK Attack Physical attack damage. -
R-ATK Ranged Attack Ranged physical attack damage. -
M-ATK Magical Attack Magical attack damage. -
MP / EN Mana Points The amount of mana the target has. -
HP Hit Points The amount of health the target has. -
Malice Aggro Aggression towards enemy. -
Hit Rate Accuracy Affects the chance of an attack hitting or missing a target. -
Attack Speed Attack rate Speed at which you can use melee attacks. -
Casting Speed Casting rate Speed at which you can cast magical skills. -
DEF Defense Decreases physical damage taken. (Base DEF + (VIT * 1.5) + Armor DEF) * Defense multipliers (like talents / sprite cards / ... all combined)) + Defense potions
M-DEF Magical Defense Decreases magical damage taken. (Base M-DEF + (WIL * 1.5) + Armor M-DEF * Defense multipliers (like talents / sprite cards / ... all combined)) + M-Defense potions
CRIT Critical Rate Physical critical chance rate. -
M-CRIT Magical Critical Rate Magical critical chance rate. -
EVA Evasion Physical and Magical evasion rate. -

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