• Nigeljustin

    Hi guys! We are hoping to see more contribution on the fan base wiki which gave a sound and clear directory to players, new and old alike!

    Currently we require more players to contribute on the Class Section base on their understanding of the class, it is however, more preferably if you have total knowledge on the class, because you can contribute!

    It is favorable not to let one player to wrote all the directory by him/herself. However, there is a catch, that it might cause confusion, so there are editors who will help to reorganize the fact sheet and will be doing plenty of troubleshooting. 

    It is preferable to write in the following format:

    1. General description of the class

    2. Weapons/Armory

    3. Advantages

    4. Disadvantages

    5. General Guidelines (…

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  • Nigeljustin

    For the purpose of ease since the release of the new reincarnation system, there are few talents which is required to rebuilt the character. There are few sub-bosses which is in certain different maps whom drop important talents, and as the list goes on, there are particular one type of sub-boss which is able to spawn within 1-2 minute time frame. Here is the list:

    1.   Pinkerton

    Location: Knight Valley X: 220, Y: 306


    • Light Arms Specialist 4 
    • Shooting Specialist 4

    2. : Stonewall Chimpson

    Location: Eternal Mountain - X: 829, Y: 463


    • Bronze Sinew Iron Bone 4
    • Witch Doctor 4

    3. General Yobese

    Location: Knight Valley X: 271, Y:536


    • Axe Specialist 4
    • Deathblow Attack 4

    4. Arthur The Blackguard

    Location: Auris Bay X: 264, Y: 301


    • Ancient Tale…
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  • Michelleurs

    There are certain maps that have a permanent +100% experience boost:

    Saphael maps:

    Winterflake Forest
    Ancient Polar Ruins
    Auris Bay

    All Deepfathom maps:
    Keep in mind Deepfathom maps are 71+ // 81 for Stolak Island

    Spirit Valley
    Misty Plateau
    Golden Sandbar
    Aurawhisp Hamlet
    Frostfire Pass
    Heirloom Peninsula

    There are also dungeons that have a permanent +150% experience boost, here is the full confirmed list:

    Mutated Sunken Mechanical Fortress
    Mutated Phoenix Tower
    Mutated Black Flame Ruins
    Mutated Forbidden Temple
    Mutated Blazing Kaslow - added as of 6/17/2016
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