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Description Edit

May contain:
Treasure - Rare Black Pearl, Treasure - Silver Statue
Magic Honey-Glazed Biscuits x2, Magic Soda Pop x2
Complete Amethyst Bottle, Complete Celestine Bottle
Complete Turquoise Bottle, Complete Obsidian Bottle
Magic Stone Shard: Lithic Lizard, Magic Stone Shard: Peerless Hurricane
Magic Stone Shard: Young Dragon Boss, Magic Stone Shard: Weeping Widow
Magic Stone Shard: Marsh Tree, Magic Stone Shard: Cactus Wolf King
Magic Stone Shard: Chronos Forest Sprite, Magic Stone Shard: Primal Brown Bear
Magic Stone Shard: Piercing Proboscis Wasquito, Magic Stone Shard: Eifell Water Spirit Queen
Magic Stone Shard: Blaze of Greed, Magic Stone Shard: Two-Headed Lizard King
"This Fortune Bag is a reward given to those who successfully challenge a 1-Star Jug Monster."

Obtained Edit

Source Information
Quest Reward
Quest Reward Table

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